Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Man is an Endangered Species"

Well, it's finally happening. I have a definate pregnant belly. There is one outfit I wore last week that totally hid it, but for the most part you can see it no matter what. We are now at 20 weeks (halfway - yay! ack!) and we get to find out what gender our baby is on Wednesday. Of course, knowing us, we'll have a child that is uncooperative from the beginning, and will have it's legs in the way or something. I'm actually starting to get excited about the idea that it could be a girl, so either way, I'll be happy. Here's some pictures starting when we very first found out I was pregnant.

This is at four weeks, the day we found out.

This is at fourteen weeks, when I finally started to regain a tiny bit of the weight I lost from morning sickness. Before this point, my stomach had actually shrunk instead of getting bigger.

These last two were taken today, at 20 weeks. I soon won't be able to wear the same outfit to take pictures in :(

Oh well :)

Time has seemed to fly by the last month or so. School is 1/4 of the way over already, Josh got married last month, Alex is doing great in school, and I'm starting to get excited about Christmas.

Uncle David was in town this week, and we got to visit with him for several hours on Wednesday. That was very nice, we hadn't seen him since last April.

About the random title of this post - That's the first line of a great science fiction book called "Battlefield Earth". It was one of only two books Papa actually assigned as required reading as high school (the rest he trusted me to choose through research and recommendations). He wouldn't even tell me what class I was reading it for. He just said "About half-way through the book the plot turns, and you'll know what class it's for." I was like, great. It turned out to be for economics of all things, and come to find out, it had inspired him to do all his research on banking, stocks, and market manipulation. Anyways, it's a good read, and also happens to be the cleanest science fiction book I've ever read. (If you saw the movie, please read the book instead - everyone I've talked to said it was the worst movie ever made from a book.)

Well, I think I've bored everyone enough for one post, so I will write again later ;) Ta-ta for now!


Kristina said...

Yay! A baby bump! Thank you for the pictures!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should just come and stay for a month starting in Feb.... LOL

Misti C said...

Yay! You can tell now. :) And this is your reminder that after you know whether it's a boy or a girl you need to pick out a blanket pattern. :) (you may not get it for a few years, but at least you can pick it out... lol) :)