Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guess what?

It's a girl!

This is a head shot - she was upside down :)
Here are her legs, you can see her right foot pretty clear, with toes and all.

Here are her legs and tummy pooching out (thats an umbilical cord, not boy parts :)).

This was the telling shot - her bottom.

This was just the heartbeat one.

Well, enjoy the pictures - we're very excited. We went shopping for girl stuff, looked at all the pink stuff.


Chad & Lesa said...

Congratulations!!! Little girls are so much fun!

Margi said...

Gosh, maybe I'm a bad cousin - I don't think I knew you guys were pregnant. Congratulations!

Sally said...

Margi - hehe, maybe we're the bad cousins, we forgot to get your email and tell you!

All - Thanks for the all the congrats and good luck wishes :)

Kristina said...

Well, maybe you're really one of Bruce's kids?:) I'm very excited about having a girl to spoil.

Misti C said...

Another girl to add to the bunch... on Tony's side. :-) She's going to feel rather outnumbered on your side, I think... Oh well, I have faith that she'll be spunky enough to survive it. lol :-)