Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Pictures Round One

James loves his bath.... Yay!

Cadence loves James' bath WAY more than James does.

They were in there together just long enough for me to take him out. To dangerous otherwise: wriggly toddler = squished baby.

But the baby doll got star treatment!

Haha, Cadence was playing hide-and-seek with the baby doll....


Row, row, row your boat with "Drew"

Don't forget to SCREAM!!!!!

"Hmmmm, this fellow looks interesting."
This was so fun. We finally had our roof replaced this month, and Cadence loved watching the men work. For the rest of the month she's been walking around muttering things like "Me man work on roof. Me climb, climb, climb ladder, scrape off shingles *scrape, scrape* BANG! BANG! Climb, climb, climb down ladder." and doing motions."

Whoops, turn your head sideways ;) This is the forklift bringing materials close to the house, which turned out to be one of her favorite parts.

The Moby wrap - this is what I use if my shoulders are tired or if I know he'll be in there a while. The sling is awesome, but the wrap distributes weight better. It's like he's not even there. The only problem is putting it on and off - I would just leave it on all the time, but he can't really nurse in it so we alternate between the sling and wrap depending on circumstances.

Blue eyes!

Two ponytails - twice the joy, half the work. Hmmm.... Who would have thought?
Her hair has grown so much this summer - at the beginning of June, she had the amount of hair in one ponytail that she now has in each ponytail.

Cadence is sometimes jealous (imagine that) but this was one thing I could accomadate her in. MUCH heavier than James, but it was still easier than carrying her. So yes, wraps and slings are good for toddlers too :)

Belle Isle construction in starting to look like real buildings now!

This will be the new addition, connected only by a hall. It will have several new classrooms, a library, etc.

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