Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Family Resemblance?!

When I was a kid, I thought I didn't look anything like my sister or mother. I couldn't get past the hair - mine was straight and blond. Mommy's was brown and straight. Kristina's was thick, curly, and almost black. How could we possibly look anything alike. Plus, there was the age difference. I was just a kid, Kristina was old enough she was in the Navy, and Mommy - well, she was old enough to be our mother (wink, wink).

August, 1996

Then I had senior pictures taken, and Papa said - Wow! You look just like your mother did when we first met.

Then I took pictures with my hair loose and parted down the side while I was pregnant with Cadence. And several people said, Wow! You look just like your mother.

I was starting to believe them.

Then came the clincher. Kristina visited us in September, and while she was here Mommy came and we took girl pictures.


September, 2011
We may not be identical triplets... but there is definitely  a family resemblance!!

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Kristina said...

You know what's funny? Gary took one look at those pictures and said, "Wow. You (me) look more and more like Grandmother every day!" But, yeah. You look more and more like Mommy every day.