Thursday, October 13, 2011

September Post Three

Going to the zoo! (Again....)

I'm ready to get out now...

Oh dear. James needed company.

Daddy's boots. I promimse the boots are backward, not her leg ;)

Six Weeks

Pretending to water the tree. It's almost as fun as actually watering the tree.

Pardon the pink. Cadence broke the other playmat, so James has been using her old one :) Thankfully, Tony is secure in his son's masculinity and doesn't care what color he uses.

"See him fingers Mama?"

This is how we walk now. Either this way, or I carry James in the sling or wrap and Cadence rides. We like to go every night around 7:00, then start our bedtime stuff when we get back. Some days Tony takes Cadence while James and I clean up from supper, but we like to all together. Since they both like their walk, it's a chance for us to actually talk to each other without quite so many interuptions.

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