Friday, October 28, 2011

October Pictures Round Two

Snuggle time!

Cadence found a piano book with pictures - it happens to be "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" which is one of her favorite songs.

Waiting to go somewhere - without Mama. Isn't she getting so big? We recently started sending her to Story Time with her cousins most Tuesday. The offer was such a blessing - it let me have some time to breathe, run errands, whatever, with only one kid in tow, and it gave Cadence a much needed outlet for some of her energy. She was starting to get stir crazy cooped up at home all the time :) It is a little rough on me though - I miss my little baby.
Cadence has been talking a lot about time and the days of the week, etc. I thought to help her out we would start using a week long calendar with magnets of all the things we typically do in a week. This has been so much fun. Each morning we check the weather, then put the right weather magnet on the day. Then we talk about what we've done each day, and what we normally do each day. She loves it, and it's a nice way for me to stand really close and *cough, cough* 'not' snuggle.

All the extra magnets are stored in the little green basket.


Isn't this adorable? "Aunt Kristina" made it for him. He actually has several, and we love them all, this just happend to be the only one we have a picture in so far :) We call it his Joseph sweater, as in the coat of many colors.

Cadence likes to pose with James. I'm TOTALLY ok with that :D

Prize Box!!! She has to earn 20 stickers on her sticker chart, for being good at naptime and bedtime. So far it seems to be helping a LOT. Less fits, crying, and floppiness.

Playing with her reward.

This is how James sleeps most of the time. Sometimes he tucks his feet up under him a little more, and he's usually covered with a blanket, but this is his basic pose.

Cadence playing *ahem, excuse me* "working pretty hard" with her calendar.

Cadence and James like to share their toys. Sometimes... it's a little funny.

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