Monday, October 10, 2011

September Round Two

We spend SO much time out in the garage. I open the side door and let Cadence roam while James stays in with me. Sometimes we all go out to play - as long as the weather is James friendly.

Cadence LOVES to pretend in Tony's Mustang. She and the 'guys' (as in, "Hold on tight both hands guys, go fast-fast!!!") go to Sonic and the zoo. Over and over again.

Cadence took this picture. Then, since I bent over to get in the frame, she thought she had to in all the next pictures.

Which turned out pretty cute.

Two-and-a-half got to climb up the tower of blocks.

And then.... Aunt Kristina came!!! Yay! She brought a huge bag of magnetic letters, which Cadence has loved. And Cadence surprised me by knowing a lot more letters than I thought she did. Huh. You never know when that kid is listening.

James liked Aunt Kristina. So did we. It was so wonderful to have sister talk all day long, an extra pair of hands to help when needed, and someone to tell me to go back to bed in the mornings.

We weren't sure how quickly Cadence would adjust, but she fell in love pretty much right away when she found out Aunt Kristina would read to her. And let her play with a big ball of yarn. And take her to the yarn store. And... and....

Cadence told us she was doing 'very important work' and that it was 'pretty hard work'
Looks comfy...

Mommy got to come too while Kris was here. All the girls in the family were together for the first time in two years! We took some pictures, I'll put them in a seperate post.

Aaah, there's a frog on your bottom James! Watch out!


Mama burped the baby, the baby burped the sister, the sister burped the bear... all at the sisters bidding.

This was a very familiar sight by the time Kris left. And we are SO thankful - because now this is his favorite way to fall alseep... snuggled up on our chests while we recline and relax. It's wonderful at night!!! The first time I tried it, he was having a screaming fit. I finally gave up on soothing him and laid back. He instantly calmed down. I looked at Tony - "If this works, I am going to be so thankful!" It did. And things have been infinately more peaceful ever since. Thankfully, if I need to be up and around (i.e. Chasing Cadence) the sling or wrap seems to replicate the effect quite nicely.

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Kristina said...

I am soo good at getting kids to believe that being a couch bum is a good thing. ;D Love you! Miss you already.