Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas at Grandma Chancellor's and with Tony's Family

Sigh. This boy is a social butterfly. He grumped and fussed all morning long, and as soon as we walked in and he saw all the people he started grinning and chuckling.  All evening, if he started to get fussy, I just passed him off to someone new and he started grinning again.

The guitar Cadence always latches onto as soon as we walk in the door. It's older than Tony, but apparently it still has a strong appeal to toddlers. Cadence was so excited the next day when she got one of her own :)

42. Don't they look enthralled? It must have been such an exciting round.

It's like Where's Waldo. Where's Cadence???
James got to go first, because he's the youngest. We were joking about it not lasting the year - it never does - and now it is confirmed. I'm not saying who - and NO speculating, because I won't answer!!! (But no, it's not us)

Cadence loved all her gifts, and yelled really loud who they were from. Then she would look at me, giggle, and say, "I yelled really loud." She was particularly excited that this hat came with gloves.

Then she opened the pillow. Wow. Who knew the kid loved pillows????

She snuck off to help Uncle Dwight, and was firmly insinuated on his lap before either of her parents noticed. He waved us off when we went to get her, so she got to open HIS presents too.

James shirt, designed by Mama, paid for by Daddy. It says "Mr. Huff and Puff - I'll cry your house down"
He wouldn't get his hands out of the way for a good picture, so I gave up and took a picture of his chubby little feet instead. I'm happy I did - I love feet :)

Cadence's shirt, designed by Mama, paid for by Daddy. It's an excavator (which she excitedly proclaimed as soon as she opened it) and says "Scoooop, DUMP!"

Cadence helping James open his gifts at Nana and Pa-pa's house.

Cadence opening her gifts at Nana and Pa-pa's house.

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