Friday, January 6, 2012

December and Christmas at Our House

He finally likes his playmat... until he gets frustrated from pulling and not being able to get it in his mouth!

Swing me so I see my striped tights Daddy!

Is this every babies favorite game? Both ours have loved feeling Daddy's scruffies.

He can pull the frog... much sooner than Cadence, who was always too busy with the snail.

"hmmm... now how did I just do that?"

Wild fun. At least, Cadence's hair is having wild fun. The rest of them probably are too. I dunno. I guess you'd have to ask the baby doll.

A little quirk from my mother - shaping the pancakes into letters and shapes. Cadence loved it. She ate two whole pancakes Christmas Eve, just because she couldn't decide between the  C and the candy cane.

Christmas Eve PJ's! We did our Christmas Saturday, so technically it was not Christmas Eve - but it was for us :)
More Christmas Eve PJ's

Yes, I am one of THOSE mothers. The kind who force their kids to take their picture together. Whether they like it or not. But I don't expect them to smile on command - and good thing, because James was ready for bed, NOW!

"Christmas" morning at our house :)

I've been playing with my various photo editing software - not sure I always like the results, but also not sure what went wrong. I thought I would go ahead and post these pictures - feel free to give feedback :)
Passing out presents. She knew which ones belonged to which people, so she did most of the handing out this year - good things happen when you learn to read your family member's names :)

James enjoyed the spectacle of Cadence's gifts about as much as he enjoyed his own gifts. Tony accidentally made it really easy to get a good picture of all their gifts, by neatly piling them in front as they opened. It was great.

James' turn!

My turn- and yes, the cheap little camera was one of her gifts. She loves it :)
Tony's turn!
The frame Cadence painted for Tony. He took it to work this week, and the picture sparked lots of comments about James needing to go on a diet :D

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