Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time Flies

Just yesterday I was planning Cadence's second birthday party. Surely, surely it has only been a few days. There is no possible way time has gone by so fast! Yet, there are signs it has.


Last year she had no clue I was planning her birthday party. This year, it is marked on her calendar, she is counting down the days, and she is giving me detailed instructions on how her party will be. "I need an oval cake. Pink! A pink cake! I want farm animals - a pig, a duck, a cow, and a horse. I will be the farmer. I will wear mine pink boots and farmer hat. I need pink cloth, napkins, plates, and cups. I want presents! I will blow out candles! It's almost my birthday! I will be three!"
A year ago, Cadence was all soft and squishy, not chubby by any means, but cuddly. Now, she is all graceful limbs, always moving, always dancing, with long arms that wrap all around you and overrun you with love when she hugs you. A year ago, she was still my little baby, nursed to sleep, and swaddled. Now, she is a big girl in so many ways - she goes to sleep on her own, plumps her pillow and announces "Let me get more comfortable!" when you tell her to lie still in bed.
A year ago, Cadence was quiet and shy in public, even around family. She didn't talk all that much, although her vocabulary was picking up. She signed quite a bit, with her cute little hands and her long, long fingers. Now, Cadence is front and center at get-togethers, always yelling and being goofy. People say things like "I just love her little voice!" and grin down at her as if she is so precious. And I must say, we agree. Because that is one thing that will never change. Cadence will always be precious. She will always be my sweet baby girl, my love, my darling.

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