Sunday, January 1, 2012

More December Pictures - Including Program at Church

"Mama, would you please stop taking my picture?"

"Take my picture!!!"

This is MY blanket. Do you see where it is? I never actually get to use any of my blankets. Tony and Cadence steal them.

Scissors girl on the loose again.

Yelling is his main activity these days.

Another picture for Mommy's "Funny Pictures of James" book - this is his "Oooo" face.

Karlea's first piano recital. She is doing great!

I have a principal against kids giving gifts until they're able to do it themselves, but Cadence wanted to paint for Gramma, Nana and Pa-pa, Daddy, and another person who has not received their's yet so they will not be named ;)

So those people got picture frames, painted "All by mineself" by Cadence.

Practicing for the Christmas program. This rehearsal really wore her out - no wonder, since toddlers are only supposed to be able to focus for one minute per year of age, and this lasted two hours.

Wild hair!!!!!

That's better.
Awkward family photo... followed by -
Even more awkward family photo.

I love this little booger :D
The program - finally. Cadence looked forward to this for two months. I was kinda worried she would suddenly get stage fright (She is super shy, after all) and not enjoy it, but she had a blast. It made me so happy to see her having such a great time.

Singing her song. She wasn't quite able to get in the zone for her song because of the beloved hand on her shoulder, but she did sing it quietly, then did an awesome job with her verse.

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