Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas in Tulsa

Wowzers, this crew was fun and crazy. Cadence was excited about playing with JoJo, Uncle Alex, and 'mine new friends from Thanksgiving fist'

We opened gifts pretty much as soon as we got there, after a thankfully quick and uneventful trip.

JoJo is so cute - that's a wad of gum in his mouth, a boy after my own heart!

I finally gave up on getting a good picture of these guys. Either Josh would bling, or James would look away, or one of them would be making a wierd face. So here, you get one of Josh blinking and James looking down.

Cadence and Alex are inseperable (at time, much to Alex's dismay :D). I am so glad they have each other - they seem to connect straight from the heart!

Backpack from Auntie, which she didn't really ever want to take off. Ever.
Playing with Echo. Can you believe how big these kids are getting? Alex and Echo should be Cadence's size.

Echo is holding Cadence, Sarah is leaning into them. The one in the middle is Montreal, a friend of Matt's, then Alex, then David.

Ha! This was so funny - Cadence was DETERMINED to walk the dog on the leash... and Baby Girl just kinda looked around like, huh, is there something attatched to me collar? Cadence pulled and pulled, and coaxed and demanded, and Baby Girl never even noticed the puny little tugs. Cadence wound up trailing along beside her holding the leash.
Sarah was rather taken with the baby, although only in little spurts, true to little girl fashion :) I vaguely remember being totally repulsed by the mere thought of sitting still long enough for someone to put a baby in my lap at that age.

Gramma and Cadence
What is it with baths in the sink? She spent the whole trip begging to take yet another bath.

I'm telling you... these two....

Hehe... I couldn't resist the cute little bottom sticking up in the air!
Eating in the kitchen so we don't have to walk the whole ten steps to the dining room :)

I still love the way she sits.

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