Monday, January 9, 2012

Last Round of December - I Promise :D

This wasn't technically his first time to eat, but it was ONE of the firsts... he loves food. He throws fits if he doesn't get food. Now. And if you stop feeding him (like when I ran out of refried beans snitched off my burrito - that really was his very first food) before he's ready, he throws an even bigger tantrum. He doesn't, however, like boring old baby cereal. Oh no, he wants GOOD stuff.

Ain't she cute? This is the famous "towel with a hat" that she so desperately wanted for Christmas.

"I finally rolled over!!!!"

The whole family leaned over to grin at him for his feat - and yes, I did finally find places for all those toys scattered everywhere. Thank goodness, they were driving me bonkers with no home.

At the very end of the year we took family pictures and sibling pictures. This is my favorite - and pretty much sums up life with these two. Full. of. Energy. FUN!

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