Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Our Church Is Like

It has come to my attention that some people are, rightfully, wary of attending a church they know nothing about. At the least, it can be awkward to visit a new place, and at the worst, you may hear teachings that make you cringe and shudder. I've had people asking me recently what our church is like. Since the ladies in our church stand out in a crowd due to their dress (pun intended), some people seem to think we are a clannish sort of church. The truth is we love visitors, love to share Christ's love with them, and don't really care what sort of lifestyle they come from - we just love seeing people come to hear about God. So, I thought I would give a very brief overview of what you might expect if you ever come visit.


We have a small church. We love to have new people. It is fairly laid back.

People come dressed anywhere from suits to jeans and everything in between. Tony usually wears a dress shirt and tie with dress slacks, and occasionally a suit coat. I generally wear a dress (now that I’ve finally found some!) or a nice skirt and dressy shirt. The kiddos dress accordingly, although James is little enough I put him is soft comfy pants rather than dress slacks. (On a side note… does anyone know of a store – online or physical – that consistently sells baby dress shirts that snap at the bottom so I don’t have to continually pull my rather active baby’s shirt down? You would think such a fat baby would be calm and staid, but noooo….)

Children stay with their parents throughout the service except for Sunday School. Classes for ages 2-18+ (leaving the oldest class is kind of up to the individual) go to separate rooms while the adults have a lesson in the sanctuary. There is, of course, a nursery available for the parents to take babies out as needed, to feed them, change them, or give them a little break.

The service is traditional. We gather and open with prayer, then sing from a hymnal as a congregation. Next anyone can request prayer for a need, and we kneel while a member of the congregation prays. After that we have what we just call special singing – individuals or groups can sing songs they’ve prepared for the service. After all the singing is done, the preacher brings a message, and then we close with one last song and a dismissal prayer.


The teachings at our church are also traditional. We believe only what the Bible teaches, and the pastor bases his messages on verses. We teach Christ’s power to save from sin, Christ as the head of the body (the body being those who believe in Christ and rely on Him for salvation), and Christ as our example and guide for each of life’s situations.

If you live in town and want to come you are welcome anytime - although if you come when we are not having service you will be lonely out on the porch, so maybe anytime should be qualified with anytime we are having services ;D
The Church of God
701 S Eastern
Moore, OK 73160

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