Thursday, February 12, 2009

All the Nieces and Nephews These Days

It has been ages since I showed off pictures of our young-ish relatives, so I thought I would do that so our out of town friends and family can see them. We'll go oldest to youngest :)

I love this picture of Gabriel (front and center)- he is so handsome and grown-up! (11)

Here is Alex, with a sweet version of his usual ornery grin. (9)

Xavier, cheesing with his birthday cake. (8)
Dominic, who seems like he's always smiling. (5)

Karlea, the oldest girl in the bunch. (4)

Emma (3) and Rylea (3 this month), who are best friends and totally, rottenly cute.

Little Josh, on his very cool pony. (2)

Jake, who usually grins with his whole face, making him look totally ornery. (Almost 2)

Will, who is pretty much always happy and congenial, although he is starting to pay his sister back. (1 this month)

Makanaka, the honorary nephew. (7 months in this picture, 9 months now)

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