Thursday, February 26, 2009

Christmas at Mommy's

This will be the last Christmas post, but probably also the longest :) (That's what happens when your family is prone to fires and such)

Tony, Me, Luke, Getting Ready to Open Presents

Luke, Josh, Matt in their new OU/OSU Shirts

Me, Desiree (nice face - I didn't realize this was the bad picture, I meant to grab the one where we're all smiling - seriously) and Stef in the aprons Auntie made for us.

Gifts being opened, little Josh showing off his tummy.

Josh (with his ornery grin on) and Auntie

Mommy trying to videotape while buried under presents.

Josh being Santa, since no one else would do it :)

So... some of us are piddling around in the kitchen cleaning up from supper, and Matt comes running in hollering. Little Josh had just gone down for his nap, so we're all like, SHHHH!!! and he goes, No, Call the fire department, Smokey's field is on fire! So... we all rushed out to look, (and called the fire department) and sure enough, the field between his house and ours was on fire. Fortunately it was blowing towards the driveway, not any of the houses, and we caught it early enough that some of the guys were able to run down there and pretty much had it out by the time the fire department even got there. Tony said later he was running down there thinking, what on earth am I going to do when I get there??? Spit on it??? But, they found hoses and shovels and got to work.

The first fire truck actually went past the driveway... very funny to watch.

Us kids sat at the "big people" table and the older adults sat in the den area at a small table - what a switch from yester-years!

After all that excitement and food we decided it was the perfect day for touch football. Yes, that's me out there, yes, it was perfectly safe for me to play, no I didn't hurt myself, yes, my doctor would approve, yes, I am always careful :)
It was really funny - for a while our strategy was throw the ball to Sally and have her run towards Matt - any time I got near him he threw his hands up and ran backwards, afraid he was going to bump into me. He's such a sweetheart :)

Talking... we do a lot of that.

Luke and Alex giving little Josh a ride. Shortly after this picture they dumped him out and that was the end of that.

Tony and little Josh playing a random game only they know about...

Little Josh
Mommy taping down cords. The day after Christmas we moved all the furniture in the den area to accommodate her new gas fire place heater "thingy"

Alex's masterpiece - an elaborate "M" shape with two or three layers. It fell down quite nicely when he pushed on it :)

Well, I think that's all the Christmas pictures I'm going to post, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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