Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Fun Last Few Weeks or So

We've been really busy the last few weeks (and it will keep up through the end of February) but most of it has been fun stuff, so it's all good :)

Tony started working on his guitar with Dwight. All last year he talked constantly about how much he wanted to make one, so for Christmas he got money to buy all the materials he needed. He's been having a blast, going over there on Monday nights to work. The only problem is that both he and Uncle Dwight like to talk... so you can imagine about what time he gets home :D

Tony was off work for almost a week at the end of January because of the ice storm. That was fun - we pretty much finished the nursery, and kept each other from going insane with boredom. We've had lots of birthday parties and such, and have been having Tony's siblings over one family at a time to see the nursery and hang out one last time before we're a little less free. They are all doing well. It is amazing how fast all our neices and nephews are growing up!

Saturday we went to Tulsa for Alex's birthday - that was fun. I can't believe he's nine! Come to find out, Josh set fire to something too! In fact, he had to call the fire department. He said he was really embarrassed, but the guys didn't give him too hard a time about it. He was burning some brush around an old fence that needed to be taken out, and it got away from him. Again, everything turned out all right in the end.

Alex got to go ice skating with Auntie and Echo, then we all met at Incredible Pizza to eat and open presents. I took my camera, but I didn't take any pictures - I'm so horrible about that.

Tomorrow is our last "Prepared Childbirth" class. Tony is ecstatic that they are almost over. I think the relaxation exercises got to him :D I was mostly interested in learning all I could about the hospital stay, because I've never been hospitilized before. We got lots of information about that, probably stuff everyone else already knew, but I was glad to find out :)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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