Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Something to Blog About

So I woke up this morning and thought - boy, I wish I had something to blog about. I feel like smacking myself in the head and chanting, "Don't say that, don't say that"
I was getting around and fixing lunch. Everything was normal. I put my taco shells in the toaster oven, and went off to comb my hair while they heated up. On the way back into the kitchen, I thought I smelled something burning. I thought, "Boy, I sure hope the taco shells are just burnt, and not actually burning." Yup. They were actually burning. Real flames. Everything.
It all turned out alright - I unplugged the toaster oven, carried it outside to the concrete so it wouldn't catch anything on fire (I even remembered to use a potholder in case the outside was hot - it was). Then I grabbed a pitcher of water, dumped the shells on the ground and doused them.
The long and short of it is that I had a few moments of excitement, it gave me something to blog about, and nothing is hurt, not even the inside of the toaster oven. Papa would be proud ;)

On a totally seperate note, I am apperently still in nesting mode. This morning I decided I would pull all the tubs out from under the bed and in the entry closet and sort through the books and put them in manageable containers so Tony could carry them up to the attic. Since I was nesting instead of merely cleaning, I decided I needed to type up a list of what was in each box... So there are still books all over the bed. I am almost finished though, so I don't think it will be one of those projects that get started and then stay in the final stages for weeks.

Cadence's room is to the point that I consider it finished... She even has curtains now!

We are mostly packed for the hospital now, thanks to Tony's unexpected break from work last week. We only have four weeks left! If she were to come anytime after next week, she would be considered full term, so I guess I'd better get used to the idea... I'm getting there :) I've finally gotten used to the concept of being pregnant, and now everythings going to change again - maybe that's why God made it last 40 weeks, to give us time to adjust to new realities.

Today and a few other days this week I am going back to work to help with a reward party the second graders are having in the library. It should be fun I think :) Part of me has really missed work, but mostly I've been so busy it hasn't really had time to sink in. Mostly I miss browsing the books and asking Lisa any question that pops into my mind about curriculum and books and libraries. She is always ready with an answer. And as she says, if she doesn't know the answer, she'll make one up.

Anyways, I guess that pretty much sums up the news for the day - tomorrow I don't think I'll wish for something exciting to happen :)

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Margi said...

Sweet! Flaming taco shells!! I'm impressed.

Seriously, I'm glad no real damage was done.

We need you to come visit to nest at our house and list what's in boxes and figure out what in the world all this STUFF is. I'm not nesting, but I'd like to get those things done too.

I'm excited to hear news of Cadence's arrival!