Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Christmas at Our House, and at Mom and Dad's

Our House:

Here I am, patiently (ok, impatiently) waiting for Tony to finish taking my picture so I can open my gifts from him.

Tony opening his stocking stuffers... oh wait, thats Tony opening Cadence's stocking stuffers...

Mom and Dad's House:

Ok, the gift Tony is working on had about 4 layers of duct tape (thank you Kurtis!) and contained a coffee can full of pop tabs. It was great.


Karlea and Emma

Jake (looking mildly drunk... he was tired by this point :))


Rylea, in sleepy awe of her gifts.

The whole gang - Emma, Rylea, Karlea, Will, Jake

Getting ready to play games

Tony reading to Rylea

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